From the CEO

We help succeed in the changing world of work

VMP is a Finnish HR services company with a wide offering of staffing services, recruitment services, organizational development services and self-employment services. We offer staffing services directly through our group companies and through our franchising chain. The franchising model enables us to maintain a strong local business insight and an extensive network.

Working life is going through a large transformation. A young person’s first job is rarely the last, and an increasing amount of people are retraining into a new professions during their careers. On the other hand, the demand for skilled employees is a challenge for the society as a whole, and in the worst case, can hinder Finland’s promising signs of economic growth. We want to help and understand both employers and employees in the changing working environment. We strive to offer tailored solutions to our customers and by doing so, we increase both employer and employee satisfaction.

VMP operates in a structurally growing market. We estimate that the Finnish staffing market will grow by about 10 percent in 2016–2020, while the recruitment and organizational development services market will grow by about 4–5 percent and the self-employment services market by about 15–20 percent during the same time period. We are well-positioned to utilize the growth trends in the market. In the last years, we have grown significantly faster than the market and our growth has been profitable.

We want to continue our growth, and one of the cornerstones of our strategy is consolidating the fragmented HR services industry. Through acquisitions, we seek to expand our service offering and expedite branching into new industries. In addition to growth, our key targets include developing our service offering further, utilizing data analytics and developing services that meet our customers’ actual employee needs.

During the last years, we have been able to grow VMP into one of Finland’s leading HR services companies. We will continue our determined work towards developing the Finnish working life in the future as well.

Juha Pesola