Business and operating environment

Business operations

VMP’s business is organized in three service areas: staffing services, recruitment and organizational development services, and self-employment services.


In the staffing services, VMP is an intermediate between temporary staff and corporate customers, and while employees are employed by VMP, they work for the client company for an agreed period of time. The recruitment and organisational development services comprise services related to the recruitment of permanent employees, as well as training and development services provided for employees of corporate customers. With the self employment services, private persons can operate as independent entrepreneurs without establishing a company of their own by invoicing their customers through VMP’s service.

VMP is amongst the largest operators in its sector, and is the only company providing self employment services and HR services based on digital solutions in addition to staffing services and recruitment and organisational development services. In addition to Finland, VMP operates also in the HR services market in Sweden. VMP staffing services directly through its own group companies and through its franchising chain.

In 2017, VMP’s staffing services accounted for approximately 55 percent of net sales, recruitment and organisational services accounted for approximately 8 percent of net sales, and self employment services accounted for approximately 38 percent of net sales.

Operating environment

In Finland, the volume of the personnel services market relevant to VMP (including staffing services, recruitment and organizational development services, and self-employment services) was approximately EUR 1.8 billion in 2016.

  • The staffing services market in Finland is expected to grow from approximately EUR 1.6 billion to approximately 2.2 billion in 2016–2020, representing annual growth of approximately 10 percent. In addition to improvements in the general employment rate and economic growth, volume growth in staffing services is driven by growth potential in the penetration rate of staffing services. The penetration rate of 1.3 percent in Finland in 2016 was low compared to the rate of 1.7 percent on average in Europe.[1]
  • The market for recruitment and organizational development services is estimated to grow in Finland on average by 4–5 percent per year in 2016–2020, from approximately EUR 110–130 million to EUR 135–160 million. The market growth is driven, among others, by fragmentation in working life due to the transformation of work, challenges in the availability of labor, and general economic growth.
  • The market for self employment services in Finland is estimated to grow on average approximately 15 – 20 percent per year in 2016–2020, from approximately EUR 120 million to EUR 224 million.[1] As a result of digitalisation, work will become more independent, individual, and project-like, and self-employment is expected to be able to address this as a flexible way of working.

The structural transformation of work affects the needs of both employers and employees. In our view, career paths will consist of several jobs in the future, and employment relationships enduring over an entire working career will decrease or disappear completely. Other market trends and growth drivers include:

  • Globalization and limited visibility in demand
  • Digitalisation, robotics, and technology
  • Demographic changes in Finland
  • Growth Services project as part of the social services, health care, and regional government reform
  • Development of the economy

[1] World Employment Confederations, WEC Economic Report 2018